Monday, July 20, 2009

Gourmet Hot Dogs

I’m a huge fan of hot dogs. When I was back in Malaysia, I devoured all the hot dog programs that they showed on Astro’s food channel, and I really really wish that Australia would have more street food like in the US where I can walk up to the stand and order a hot dog that costs me $3 instead of $8. And I’d really like stores that sell hot dogs 24/7 at ridiculous prices like $5 for 2 hot dogs, instead of $8.90 for 1.

Anyway, when I spotted this stand in Federation Square quite some weeks ago, I was immediately excited.

So excited that I tried to finish 2 of them by myself (I was trying to recreate the feeling of getting hot dogs in the US (not that I’ve ever been to the US anyway), where I can get 2 dogs for cheap).

Unfortunately, although it did not look half bad, ultimately, it wasn’t too good anyway. The ones in Victoria Market are better, and Riverland also does hot dogs which are better.

And they did cost me at least $7 each (I can’t remember the exact price).

Saturday, July 18, 2009

La Notte

Its hard to find pasta that I like. I like seafood pasta with olive oil, but most places sell seafood pasta with tomato sauce or some cream sauce. Those that sell pasta aglio olio don’t have any form of protein in them.

Luckily, this Italian restaurant near my place had what I wanted.

And this is a basic meat and potato dish, with plenty of flavour.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chocolate and Vanilla

A perfect combination, chocolate and vanilla.

Especially when they are in generous amounts.

Huge servings.

More is better.