Monday, April 28, 2008

Hsiang's Birthday, Koko Black

I say, this funny (pretending to be somebody you're not) business has to stop.

Anyway, Hsiang had his birthday 2 weeks ago at Koko Black. So I'd wish him happy birthday now, but I already did that 2 weeks ago. And no, I don't have a picture of him.

What I do have, are some pictures of chocolates.


The Koko Black Iced Chocolate. Used to be $5.50. Now $6.50. For $5.50 I'd say it was worth it, as it comes with 2 large scoops of ice cream as well. For $6.50, well, lets just say that for $6.50 I can get a plate of rice and 3 dishes from Norsiah's. This was also the drink that spoilt my meal of all-you-can-eat ribs at Hard Rock Cafe sometime last year, when I had it at 4pm, forgetting that I was going to eat a lot of ribs that evening.


This is a normal hot chocolate. I don't know how it tastes like because I did not drink it. I suppose it would taste like the iced chocolate, except hot. But then again, the iced chocolate has ice cream. Hot chocolate can't have ice cream, can it?


And finally, a Belgian Spoil. As you can see, its a platter of chocolaty stuff. I did eat some of this, but it was a tad too heavy for me.

Now, if only my digital camera can churn out pictures like Chang Yang's DSLR does, I'd be happy. That last picture looks especially grainy to me, for some obscure reason. I thought it was okay at the time I took it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

LOL's Birthday

Helllooooooo. So its Renata's birthday today.


There she is. Hello Rena!


I did not do that to her. I just happened to be there.


I got nothing to say la. She looks like Batman. Anyway, Happy Birthday to her.


GG and good night.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


While procrastinating, I was looking up the meaning of the word 'hmph', and I came up with some quite hilarious answers from Urban Dictionary. This here, is one of them:



The noise one makes after proving something wrong, as in to show the other inferior.

This is the best way to throw a rock (rock lands 30 feet away).
No, THIS is (rock lands 40 feet away).



Monday, April 21, 2008

Merlin's Company

I've created the new label 'AAAAA' for my posts. This is for stuff that's random, which may or may not mean anything or something to different people. Examples of previous posts that could be 'AAAAA' would be this one here. But that doesn't mean that all posts labelled 'AAAAA' must be as wuliao as that. No.

Anyway, Days of Wonder has just announced the expansion to their Shadows Over Camelot game! That's the game where we played for 10 hours straight some time ago. Interesting bits include 63 new cards, and TWO possible traitors! We'll now be able to see mega-taunting of the honourable knights lol.

Awesome; can't wait for it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Squire's Loft

Steak. Ahhhh. What can I say about it? A chunk of meat on your plate, what can go wrong?

So we went to this place called Squire's Loft yesterday. You can look at their website here. Includes their menu as well.


Anyway, I only have pictures of half eaten food, as we were too hungry that I forgot to actually take pictures of the food before eating them. So here they are.


There is a 3/4 eaten pork rib. Oh how I wish I could have a picture of the whole platter of pork ribs. That would be so much more exciting. Nevertheless, the ribs were excellent, fall-off-the-bone, perfectly marinated ribs. There were so good.

And this here, is a half-eaten piece of Porterhouse Steak, with half-eaten chips as well. Lol. I actually found the meat to be so-so only. After all, its just a chunk of meat. Not that I'm saying it was a very bad steak. Maybe steaks are meant to be like that. I don't know. But I sort of expected more. I loved the chips though, and coming from a person that doesn't really like potatoes, that's saying a lot.

All-in-all, a very satisfying night, nice cozy little restaurant, I'd definitely come back again someday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008





Sunday, April 6, 2008


Last Sunday, a few of us (that being Jian Ming, Sherreen, Meisze, Charles, and I) decided to have an early outing for breakfast somewhere in Brunswick. But due to one of the Nokia handphones trying to be too smart and actually changing its clock back one hour thinking that it was the end of daylights saving already even though it was not (its actually today), we ended up being half an hour late.

Regardless, got there we did, by taking tram 19 up Elizabeth Street and then stopping somewhere (sorry, I wouldn't be able to find it again), and heading to this place called Ray.

It was a quaint old place, with plastered walls, and actually looked run-down, but I think that was part of its charm.

Most of us (except me) started off with some form of hot drink.

If I remembered correctly, this was a Flat White, whatever that means. And some of my other friends ordered Chai tea as well, although I did not take a picture of that. But you must admit that the leaf design looks really cool.

So for breakfast itself, I had this baked egg with some lamb(?) sausage thingy.


It looked really good and was quite well done as well. And the bread was absolutely warm and soft and fresh. If I have to say it, the dish was really well done. However, I wasn't too satisfied with it for some reason. It didn't really fulfill my eat-a-lot till full cravings. Some people might find it blasphemous, but I was more satisfied with what I ate this morning, which was 2 Kransky sausages bought from Safeway, fried in a pan, with some eggs (also fried simply in the pan), and 4 slices of multigrain bread.


And the rest of them had this muesli thingy. Didn't try this though.

And we also ordered some French Toast to share.

I didn't share this as well, but it looked unlike any French Toast that I've seen, and I'm fairly certain that, had I actually tried it, I would've been more satisfied than if I had made french toasts with the same multigrain bread that I have at home. But the bread of theirs is really good.

So, until next time, may everyone remember to set their clocks to the right time, at the right time.