Friday, April 18, 2008

Squire's Loft

Steak. Ahhhh. What can I say about it? A chunk of meat on your plate, what can go wrong?

So we went to this place called Squire's Loft yesterday. You can look at their website here. Includes their menu as well.


Anyway, I only have pictures of half eaten food, as we were too hungry that I forgot to actually take pictures of the food before eating them. So here they are.


There is a 3/4 eaten pork rib. Oh how I wish I could have a picture of the whole platter of pork ribs. That would be so much more exciting. Nevertheless, the ribs were excellent, fall-off-the-bone, perfectly marinated ribs. There were so good.

And this here, is a half-eaten piece of Porterhouse Steak, with half-eaten chips as well. Lol. I actually found the meat to be so-so only. After all, its just a chunk of meat. Not that I'm saying it was a very bad steak. Maybe steaks are meant to be like that. I don't know. But I sort of expected more. I loved the chips though, and coming from a person that doesn't really like potatoes, that's saying a lot.

All-in-all, a very satisfying night, nice cozy little restaurant, I'd definitely come back again someday.


Me said...

next time order eye fillet, medium, no sauce. OH SO GOOD! *drool*

crushedguava said...

you didn't order sauce ah?! how come?
who recommended you Not to order sauce?

JIAN said...

What an Wu Liao thing to do. The sauce is good with the chips.

Wenny said...

jian ming so wuliao. go make your own sauce! :P

and the meat looks so delicious. why you do this to me? i am starving at 1am and this is what i get...:S

Me said...

your housie la! told me not to get sauce. all HIS fault!
but sauce isn't needed, really.

crushedguava said...

well, jianming ordered sauce himself. why would he tell you not to get sauce i wonder..hmm?