Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fogal Meat Market

There is this place, called Fogal Meat Market, in Plaza Damas, which is somewhere in Hartamas, where I got lost at sometime at the beginning of the year when I was trying to get to Bukit Tunku (but that's another story altogether).

So, the place is actually a meat butchery in front, with seats at the back (and some outside the shop at the back and front) which allows the place to double as a restaurant.

There's plenty of blogs reviewing this place, and the impression was that the Lamb Burger was the 'thing-to-have'.


I do hope the Aussie owner of the shop isn't reading this (he seemed like a very nice guy), but unfortunately, this burger was very plain, and, um, forgettable. The meat patty lacked seasoning, and so it was quite plain. The wedges and salad were so-so only. I suppose being slightly sick that day played a part in influencing my taste buds though.

If you cast your eyes to the back of that picture, you see a plate of toast and some scrambled eggs.

This is what it looks like.

And although it looked plain and simple, this was gobbled down by my friend who claimed that it was "sooo goood".

Oh wells. Looks can be deceiving, after all.

To wash it all down, sticky date pudding.

The pudding/cake was too 'room temperature though'. Would be much better had they been warmer.

Yum yum.


Denise said...

turkeys gobble! :D

crushedguava said...

and denises nibble! :P

IronEaters said...

hahaha..totally agree with looks can b deceiving sometimes.

crushedguava said...

haha, yes, that's very true.

although most times, the looks do contribute to the taste of the meal.