Friday, March 6, 2009

Fisherman's Pier

Although Melbourne got a lot of restaurants, but Geelong also got. You see, this is Fisherman's Pier.


Located right beside the sea, can see a lot of boats and water. Also got a yellow construction site (on the left side of the picture) which kacau.


The inside also very nice. They make it very comfortable. Then got the windows, can see outside.


So first, we order soup to drink. Seafood soup. Got prawns, mussels, and some bread thing. I dunno what that green oil is. But very nice.


Here also got seafood. Calamari and sausage. Sausage is not seafood though. Got vegetables also. It's called 'rocket'. The taste very unique. Last time I thought that they put dressing to make the rocket taste like that, but actually, its the natural taste of the vegetable. Nice nice.


Fish. Below the fish is risotto. Like rice only, but different a bit. Donno how to describe.


Then this one also fish. If I never tell you, you sure think it is steak. Cos it really look like steak lor. Below that got some raw vegetables, then got half egg on the side also.

I think in general, both of the fish nicer than the mains in Donovan's.

Because nicer and not so jelak, therefore got dessert.



Triple chocolate.

Go home after that.

Have to take train.


Jian Ming said...

LOL. A commentary by a Guest Writer!

Denise said...

guest writer?!

Wenny said...

Not JW's usual style. LOL!

Denise said...

it's 'e'! says the first pic

crushedguava said...

Ya I suppose 'fisherman' should be pluraled, haha.