Saturday, October 31, 2009


So I did end up going to Mart 130 again on the weekend. And the food was as good as I hoped it would be. But that is a story for another day.

Today, I shall talk about Takumi. Located on Bourke Street, they call themselves ‘Melbourne’s Only Wagyu Beef Specialist’, and they specialise in a variety of wagyu beef cuts for you to self-grill on your very own grill on the table (much like a Korean BBQ place). Being a wagyu beef place, its a restaurant where you have to spend quite a bit to eat your fill, with quite a variety of set courses costing from $45 pp to $90 pp. Alternatively, you could also go ‘omakase’ and ask them to serve you whatever they have, and you just pay the price later.



They do, however, have a variety of ‘signature dishes’ (which were basically their entrees) and a la carte meats to be ordered for the grill, which is what I went for.


This Salmon Carpaccio only costs $10.80, which is what I’d consider a steal for an entree in a restaurant like this. And it was very good as well.

This, essentially a beef carpaccio, was significantly more expensive, being $18.80, but was still very good.


The grill did not cost us anything. You can see some white hot coals at the bottom.


$24.80. The word ‘premium’ significantly increased the value of this plate of meat. There was no ‘non-premium’ version of this.


$9.80! There was a premium version of this dish, and it costs $15.80.

Basically, the we had an excellent meal there, but I needed judicious amounts of rice to be satisfied. That being said, its a place that I would go to again when I feel like eating some higher class meat.

And before I forget, we had ice cream as well.




Su-Min said...

oh yum yum yum.... haven't been back there for a while. surprisingly, u know, the cheaper cuts actually taste better than some of the more "premium" stuff.try the oyster blade next time! (think it was jo-karubi or something like that.. can't remember anymore..) everything's so nice and fresh there.. sea urchin and scallop sashimi, the raw beef mince etc etc..........

p.s- and yes, mart 130's lovely too!!! but when they're too busy it can get a bit crap....great soy chai latte's, but tend to burn the coffees. corn fritters are my fave! and perfectly poached eggs! on dench's sourdough! have good french toasted brioche if u like something on the sweet side too... :D

crushedguava said...

Well, I haven't tried the non 'jo' versions before to compare. You ate the raw beef mince? Nice or not?

With regards to Mart 130, since I don't drink hot drinks, it doesn't really matter. The food is excellent though =)

Anonymous said...

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crushedguava said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous. I appreciate it =)