Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maybe I should start a blog

My mind is filled with a myriad of ideas for this blog, both grand and simple at the same time. However, I fear that it will, like many of my ventures, bomb out spectacularly (meaning that I'll keep this up for about 3 days and then go cold turkey completely).

Thus, I plan to start small and simple.

This is what I had for lunch yesterday. Plain and simple nasi lemak from a place called AJ Cafe in The Summit USJ. Not that they serve very special nasi lemak or anything, but I miss it from the days that I used to go there every week to play Magic: The Gathering and have this as a snack.

And for my friends who can't understand why I say I rarely eat out especially at mamaks, I'll just post a picture of my grandma's cooking here.

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If I get something like that every night I don't think I need to go out to eat often ya?

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