Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chicken soup is good for the soul

This translation is in the New Straits Times (p. 14 No to 'live' khalwat raid broadcasts') today:
"Gua cinta kat lu dengan seluruh hati gua" to "I love you with my whole liver". ;p

Somehow I don't think literal translation works very well here, if it all. Couldn't they translate it any better? This looks like something from Babelfish.

Anyhow, a random picture:

Chicken soup is good for the soul, yumm.

Just watched Amazing Race Asia. My first episode of Amazing Race in nearly 2 years. The emotions just rush back. Awesome.

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Chang Yang said...

Wah, so nice!! :) Haha where got people translate "hati" to "liver" one? But liver is one of the greatest thing also leh, because we need LIVEr to live.

I am crapping. Just here to drop a comment. :)