Monday, January 15, 2007

Before I begin, I wish to give all fans of vegetarian food my heartfelt apologies if I insult the food you like in any way.

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Today I had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. Its my second time having dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, I hated it the first time, which was a couple of years ago. I suppose I'm a meat lover and I can't seem to stand a meal without meat. I don't mean to say I hate vegetables though, I eat more than my share of vegetables, but I especially hate fake meat (read: vegetarian meat). I find it tastes weird and fake. Even my 8 year old cousin said "δΈεƒθ‚‰ηš„". Kudos to him!

Anyhow, it wasn't surprising to find me, at the end of the meal, standing in front of this:

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And 10 minutes after that, this:

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Awesome! Burger Ayam Double Special! Three Thumbs Up!

However, my cousin, upon looking at the burger, said 'Eeeeee not nice wan'. :(

Ok fine I admit, it may not look very appealing, but trust me, it tastes absolutely divine. Most especially so after a horrible (sorry vegetarian lovers) vegetarian meal.


Yes, its me said...

Halo, i like vegetarian food. Kudos to your cousin who commented on your Ee yer burger...but actually i like the burger also la...i will take one small bite of the burger with the meat and then take out the whole chunk of meat if i have my way. BUT knowing me, i wouldnt even buy the burger if I alone am the only one going to eat it. Micey me

crushedguava said...

haha knowing won't even eat the bread..its SO oily..

for was a good opportunity for me to get my dose of Ramly, which i normally get once (and only once) every holiday. but i may have to rethink this policy, its so good that i must get it once more before i go back to melbourne.

yes, it's also me said...

Haha yeah I agree with you, Ramly's ayam double special is the best burger of all thing! Seriously they should expand their business overseas, it will surely beat likes of indomee or the malaysian food stalls in Crown Casino. :P