Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I found out that running with proper running shoes gives you a much better 'feel' than running with crappy badminton court shoes. Proper running shoes are just more bouncy. Maybe that's why I've been struggling to run lately.

Anyway, when I was back in KL I went to this Hong Kong style cafe in Mid Valley. Can't remember what it's called but its on the LG floor and it has a green signboard and lots of roast meats hanging on display in the window.

Two of the dishes that we had were both very similar, one with pork, the other with chicken.

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And washed down with a cup of milk tea.

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I thought the dishes looked absolutely delicate, no?

Hopefully cooking that rice with pork ribs black bean wouldn't be too difficult, seeing that I'm going to move out of college soon, and am going to try my hand at cooking.



Voon Seng said...

yes... invest in a good pair of running shoes! it really makes a lot of different and it actually prevents injury.

crushedguava said...

yar i agree.

with my badminton shoes i used to be able to only run comfortably on grass. now i can run on 'not grass' as well.

3.11. said...

Here's a link to make steamed spare ribs with black beans

wei phin said...

is that the noodle house place opposite the garden?

crushedguava said...

nope, its inside midvalley itself, on the LG floor, opposite a chinese herb store.