Saturday, August 16, 2008

I have a theory. Its based on taking advantage of Murphy's Law (if there can even be such a thing as taking advantage of it).

So, if you lose something, Murphy's Law would dictate that you will never get it back. Or alternatively, you get a replacement and you find your things again.

The only way I see out of that is to buy a replacement immediately after you lose something. This way, if Murphy's Law holds true, you get your things back, and now you have an extra; or you don't get your things back, but you already have a replacement.


Supa04 said...

so in my case i should buy a new racquet quickly but not the same one? just in case they turn up?

crushedguava said...


although in your case, you've probably delayed long enough already, so my theory doesn't really apply anyway haha.

Supa04 said...

dammit...there was an arcsaber 10 second hand on sale but someone snatched it already a few days ago :-(

crushedguava said...

a 2nd hand one might not be as good as a new one ;p