Monday, September 8, 2008

Crepes in Geelong

And we're back in business!

I suppose I'll start with something relevant, considering I just got back from Geelong, and this could also be a study in comparison of crepes. ^^

So we see a crepe in the middle, drizzled with chocolate sauce and chocolate crunchy bits, a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, a dollop of cream, and one slice of orange.

Death by Chocolate, that's what it was called.

Was struggling to finish it towards the end, but no, wasn't anywhere near Death.


For those in Geelong, this is on Ryrie Street, next to Baskin Robbins, which is next to McDonald's.



Denise said...

so pink

crushedguava said...

the fonts? haha.

i thought it was nice.

'pinched' the idea off some other blog ;p

Moon said...

Looks nice~ =)

Haha Melb Uni Malaysian too here... But never been in Geelong yet... wil be one day, i think, since the crepes is so tempting XP

crushedguava said...

Ah, if you go to Geelong just for the crepes then wasted lor. In Melbourne itself also got a lot of crepe places ah.