Monday, September 29, 2008


I've been making quite a bit of spaghetti lately.

I've always loved the seafood pasta with white wine that you could order from the restaurant. I find that its much better than pasta with thick sauce like bolognese. So, with a recipe I plucked off the net, I went and bought some marinara mix and mussels, and came up with this.

There's some white wine in there as well, plus a couple of cloves of garlic and some chopped tomatoes. All in all, I considered this a very successful venture.

This is what it looked like in a bowl. That whole pan amounted to 2 bowls of this, which I finished. 

Also, using very similar ingredients, I also replaced all the seafood (except the prawns) with meatballs, removed the white wine, added some mushrooms, and came up with a surf and turf pasta, which I think was very good as well, but a picture of that was not taken.

And finally, again, using the same ingredients as the previous pasta, but this time using minced meat and not meatballs, I made the same thing, except I also dumped a whole can of Campbell mushroom and chicken soup inside, coming up with this, which was also very good:

I ventured to finish that by myself in a single setting, and I usually succeed, but this time, the creaminess of the whole thing just got the better of me, and for the first time since living outside, I actually set some aside in the fridge and ate it the next morning.

And what exactly was the whole point of this? Well, I haven't been taking pictures of food from restaurants much lately, so I had to come up with my own things to fill this space up.

Bye bye.