Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Villa Romana

What a lazy person I've been. Its been so long since I last updated. Everyday, I check other people's blogs and feel disappointed if they haven't updated it, and here I am, not updating mine. And even this was taken 3 weeks ago.

So what I did was to go to Villa Romana on Lygon Street again.


Its difficult remembering the names of the dishes that I ordered, especially 3 weeks down the track. I do remember there were clams in the pasta, and that it was not too bad, but that was it.


And this is a Scotch Fillet. It might have been an Eye Fillet instead, but I think that it was a Scotch Fillet. With mushroom sauce. And mashed potatoes and some beans and carrots.


One of the better Sticky Date Puddings that I've had before, with a good balance of cold ice cream to the hot pudding. Quite sweet as well.

Bye bye!