Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It was Shealtiel's birthday dinner the other night, and I met up with some friends, some of which that I still keep in touch with relatively regularly, and others that I haven't met since Form 5, which was about 4 years ago! People like Vern Lynn, Victor, and Ooi Keong. Good to know that everyone is doing their own thing in their own ways and eventually becoming the good and respectable people that they are.

We drove down to Teluk Gong to have dinner at the Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant.

See that fish? I polished nearly the whole thing myself because everyone else was too busy with the crabs ;p

And then we adjourned to Svenson's in Subang Parade to chill and have ice cream.

Some of Ooi Keong's pictures are awesome.

Food Watch: Dinner was great and went down well. The ice cream afterwards was a good finisher to round off the night.