Friday, December 29, 2006

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Food Watch: Madam Kuan's Nasi Bojari is surprisingly good. The beef rendang was very tender and the taste 'just right', and while I don't usually like sambal, the prawn sambal was quite good. As for the fried chicken, well, you can never go wrong with deep friend chicken, especially a huge one ;p. But being the complainer that I am, for the price of RM 19.90, I would rather they give 1.5x the amount of rice, a bit more rendang, and perhaps another piece of prawn to add to the measly 2 in the sambal.

I also noticed that the lady sitting beside me was eating an enormous plate of Cantonese Fried Noodles (or Wat Dan Hor). While I'm usually against paying so much more for the same food that I can get outside for less than half the price, I acknowledge the difference between a expensive plate of Wat Dan Hor and a cheap one. The expensive one has more substance. And of course you're paying for the environment as well. Not to say that the cheap one isn't delicious of course. I must try that the next time I'm at Madam Kuan's, and that better be before I leave for Melbourne again.

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