Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'll be doing my AMS next semester at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre. Been trying out lots of different public transports to get me there, but I realised that the public transport to the place is not good at all.

I have take a bus, then a train to a different stop where I catch yet another train, and then a 40 minute scenic walk in some park, which involves me crossing a river on a creaky one-path bridge, hiking through a jungle trail, walking uphill and then downhill before finally reaching where I want to go.

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Of course, this is only the sign. I still have to walk further before actually getting there.


youngyew said...

So cham... have a safe journey home!

kimberly said...

3 words...your own fault!!
wakakaka...who ask you wanna go so far...bleh..:P

Melissa said...

ohhh..ulunya the place... by end of ams, u should lose a few kilos

JIAN said...

omg you were ACTUALLY literally speaking when you said you had to take a walk in a park-like area. it's more like FRIM in Malaysia.

hannobee said...

wah dont get raped in the park... bring your pepper spray

crushedguava said...


the place is nice lar

the park is nice also