Thursday, December 13, 2007

Villa Romana

When I actually think of it, I've only ever been to one non-Asian place on Lygon Street, Corretto's. And that's a shame. Why? Because, I've never sampled any of the good restaurants on Lygon. Everytime I walk down that street, I look at the ample fare that people are eating, and think how good it would be to actually try some of it, without it ever occurring to me that i actually could very well just eat there myself.

And so, taking steps to remedy the situation (staying so near Lygon Street helps as well), I asked Sherreen to recommend a place, and off we went to Villa Romana.

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It was unfortunate that in the combined excitement of the food arriving and not wanting to appear so Asian in taking pictures of food in an Italian restaurant that I forgot to note down the names of the dishes that we ordered, which looked so good, and tasted so 'D'lish', to quote Jamie Oliver, and whomever else who coined the term.

This was their seafood pizza. It's their last item on their pizza menu. And the most expensive as well. But it was the first time I'm able to appreciate a good pizza, and something not from college or Pizza Hut or Dominoes.

But all that was blown away when I took a taste of the pasta.

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This is apparently their house specialty. Its the first time I've seen that type of pasta, and it was tossed with chicken and apple slices and cream, giving it a creamy, sweet, light flavour. When the only pasta in Australia I've ever eaten being Ormond College pasta, this was a real eye-opener. It was just so good.

Oh well, now that I'm staying near Lygon, I'm definitely going to take advantage of the fact that there are just so many more Italian restaurants to sample next year.

Tee hee.


Ka Lip said...

Villa Romana?

At the risk of sounding Asian...Isn't that THE very expensive place?!?!

I remember once going into one of those fancy restaurants with some friends. We left right after looking at the menu lol.. how embarrassing..

Yi Wen said...

yaarryyyyyy (lol yaRy?) whenever we feel lazy to cook we'll just walk down to lygon. how easy is that?!!?

but then again, the whole point of me moving out was to save some money. therefore, whether or not i don't feel like cooking, i WOULD have to be stingy if i want to eat out. warghhh!!!!

crushedguava said...

kalip, well, its slightly less than 20 bucks for one pizza, or pasta, which is about what you'd expect from some place like that, no?

aha yi wen, we must make sure then that we feel lazy to cook on the same day hahaha.