Thursday, December 27, 2007

Petaling Street Hokkien Mee

People always say that a particular dish from their own place of origin is the 'proper and correct version' while the same dish prepared anywhere else in any other way is always wrong, or 'not authentic'. But who has the right to say which was the original version? I suppose its natural to say that, but has the right to say which was the true original? Or maybe both are variations of the true original.

Nevertheless, I'm going to claim, right here and now, that the Hokkien Mee in Malaysia is much better than the one in Australia. And maybe anywhere else in the world. And I'm going even further by saying that every different Hokkien Mee place in Malaysia, regardless of whether they are different from one another, is still better than Hokken Mee in other parts of the world.

So there.

I say this because I was at this Hokkien Mee place in Petaling Street yesterday. The last time I went, it was your basic coffee shop, run down and all. But I was surprised that they actually renovated the place, so that when you head upstairs, it looked like any of your nice cafes in shopping malls (think Old Town Kopitiam style of restaurants).

And you had a nice view overlooking the hustle and bustle of Petaling Street as well.

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The drinks came while we were waiting for the food, and surprisingly (which shouldn't be the case, since the place already looks so nice) the cup looked very nice as well.

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Its like a cup you would buy for your own apartment, were you to move into one.

And then I fooled around with the sambal container.

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It even has the Beijing 2008 mascots on it. ;)

The main event came after a not-so-long wait.

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And it was so good. So so so good. Just too good.

We also ordered a bowl of Pan Mee.

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For those not in the know, Pan Mee isn't noodles in a pan. Nor were they cooked in a pan either, though I suppose if you had to, you could cook Pan Mee in a pan. However, I don't really know what Pan Mee is made from. I just know that it isn't noodles cooked in a pan. But this is really good as well. Better than others I've eaten.

Although, I suppose being really hungry at that time may have influenced my decision slightly.

But it was still very good.


Ai Ling said...

OMG!!! You know that I really want eat Msia's hokkien mee (after that disastroud Sg hokken mee : read and you 'purposely' blog on Msia's hokkien mee! UNFAIR!! :P

But yeah, Msia's hokkien mee ROX!! :P

crushedguava said...

haha. perhaps you went to the restaurant on the wrong day. or you probably went to the wrong restaurant. lol

jean` said...

pan mee is made from flour and water! :P my family made it at home, so i only knew that they sold pan mee outside when i was in high school T__________T

crushedguava said...

hahahaha that's hilarious. so you're family made it at home so often that you didn't know it was sold outside is it? hahahaha. didn't you find out in primary school?