Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sushi Groove, Sunway Pyramid

Sometime near the end of the previous year, I went to Sushi Groove in Sunway Pyramid. From the name, you can tell that Sushi Groove is a Japanese Restaurant (lol! yes indeed it is!). The place specialises in special 'rolls' or 'maki' in plates that cost about 15 ringgit, plus or minus 2 ringgit. The problem with this is that if you order one plate per person, there's no way you can get full.

So the 3 of us picked one plate of rolls each, plus another bowl of some burger meat in rice. I apologise for totally forgetting what each dish was called. And I only have 3 pictures.

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Here we have the bowl of rice, with a sunny side up egg, and the burger peeking out from under the egg. I do love sunny side up eggs. :)

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This is the Lion King Roll (at least I remembered one dish). Contains some spicy tuna and other stuff. Definitely the best of the lot. And there were 8 pieces as well. ;)

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The soft shell crab roll had soft shell crabs in them. Sorry I'm not at my very best with wordplay this morning.

Anyway, I was not very impressed with the place. Too expensive for too little.

I'd rather eat this. (Click on the link)


Yi Wen said...


"The soft shell crab rolls had soft shell crab in them."


crushedguava said...

yes they had soft shell crab in them. in fact, the shells of the crab were very soft indeed.