Thursday, January 31, 2008

USJ 20 Dim Sum

Last Sunday, a couple of us got together and had dim sum in USJ 20.

We had basic stuff.

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Some scallop dim sum.

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Fu Zhuk Prawn Rolls.

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Char Siew Pao.

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Siew Mai.

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Egg Tarts.

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Pork Ribs.

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Fried Prawn Dim Sum.

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Yet more deep fried prawn in something.

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No idea what this is. Not prawn again, I hope.

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And finally, Har Kau, more prawn lah.

Just a comment about Dim Sum. In Australia, the act of going out to eat Dim Sum is called Yum Cha (which literally translates to 'drink tea'). I suppose its called that way because people sit there and drink chinese tea and chat, while eating bits of Dim Sum. In Malaysia, we don't call it 'Yum Cha', as I think our main purpose is to go and eat, not to drink tea. The moniker 'Yum Cha' is reserved for the act of going out to any restaurant or stalls just to have a chat and drink (non-alcoholic drinks).

Ok that's it.

Bye bye.


Yi Wen said...

Oh gosh I cannot look at food anymore for the rest of the night and maybe until tomorrow. My aunt came over and cooked us laksa, pickled lettuce soup, curry chicken and char koay teow. Plus we had chocolate banana cake for dessert. I am sooo bloated tonight i actually felt like throwing up after dinner. XD

IronEaters said...

hi! long time havent been reading food blogs... n like ur new blog's background =D the food pictures are nicer too... n u look thinner too?? hahahhaa. keep up with the good work. *catching up with ur food entries*


crushedguava said...

haha thank you thank you. although i've changed the background for so long already. just goes to show how long you've not been reading food blogs. where have you disappeared to?

chYn said...

ur dimsum dun haf nice bamboo thingy.... !! >^<

crushedguava said...

what bramboo thing are you talking about?
by the way, when are you coming to melbourne?