Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jiamean's Birthday at TGIF Sunway Pyramid

Its been a long time since I've put up pictures of people so I'll put some up today.

Yesterday we celebrated Jiamean's birthday at TGIFs at Sunway Pyramid, and it was quite good catching up with some people that I haven't seen for over a year.

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That's the birthday girl, Jiamean, with Shingyee who organised the whole thing.

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Xinyu and Kityan, both of whom I haven't seen in well over a year.

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And Yufoong. Weishen and Yufoong I see quite often. Ha.

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And Rockee and Shizhou, both of whom seem very preoccupied.

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And finally the World Famous Mushroom Swiss Burger that was recommended by Jon Sum.

After the meal, in the tradition of TGIF birthdays, the staff of TGIF came and sang Jiamean a song, but unfortunately I did not take any pictures of that.

In the end, some of us ended up going to Mongkok in SS2 and played 'Bang!' until 1.30am. Till now, I'm still surprised at the number of people that I've introduced to the game that actually, really, like it.

Happy days.


haha~ said...

played bang...without us?!?!
lol i miss bang

crushedguava said...

Haha Bang is still good after all this while, whomever you are.