Wednesday, September 12, 2007


For some reason, I found myself eating lunch in Koko at Crown on Saturday, a very expensive place that I wouldn't normally find myself in.

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I forgot to take a picture of this in the original state that it arrived in, and furthermore I have no idea what its called. But that's the starter that we had.

And then came the teapot soup, which was awesome.

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This may not be new for some people, but it was for me. Firstly, it is not tea. The teacup there is not part of the soup. The soup is in the teapot, and you pour it onto the bowl that provided on top of the teapot. Very good soup. Like I was saying, if I had a whole boiling pot of this soup, I'd put some instant noodles into it. Its that good.

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We shared this between the 3 of us. A combination of sushi, sashimi, spider rolls, and volcano rolls all in one huge platter. According to my friends, they said the fish tasted fresh, compared to stuff you get elsewhere. Me, being the simple guy I am, couldn't detect any difference. Lol.

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For some reason, we also had a steamed (?) fish to round up the meal.

And then came the dessert. 3 of them at once.

Bam bam bam.

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I'm just making up the names as I go along, not too sure what they were called.

An excellent lunch, which brought me to the 'not too full, not too hungry' level, which any perfect meal should aim to do.

However, this meal burnt a huge whole in my pocket, and till now, I still can't decide whether it was worth it or not.



mouse said...

In all honesty, I love Koko - I adore the ambiance and the decor and the food is really good as well - but it's all a bit overpriced. :P Nevertheless it still doesn't stop me from wanting to go there.

The dessert you ordered looked awesome - will definitely try that when I find myself wanting to break bank accounts in Koko.

crushedguava said...

hmm, its true that sometimes you want to spend a bit more for good food, but I don't think i can spend 80 dollars on lunch very often haha.

although, if i do want to break the bank, i'd go to Shira Nui (recommended by tummyrumbles) and get the omakase.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been there, altho always say that must go n try soon. hope got chance one day =)
the food looks lovely n i guess the sashimi platter would b the bomb on the receipt.n i agree those places, esp for students, definitely not somewhere tt can re-visit often.


crushedguava said...

how very true indeed.

even going only once sets you back a few weeks heh

Ginger said...

the food sure does looked good, should be worth your money. Lol.

crushedguava said...

hmm, well, depends on how much i was willing to spend in the first place ;p