Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nudel Bar

I gave Nudel Bar a try the other day with my friend. It was recommended by another friend to be a good place for fusion food, if you're willing to pay around 20 bucks. Located up Bourke Street, opposite Hard Rock Cafe, it caters mostly to the office working crowd (or at least it did when I was there for lunch).

The menu was very interesting, with stuff ranging from Wonton Noodles to Macaroni Cheese, to stuff like Laksa Lemak and some other very interesting mix of west and east dishes.

In addition to the menu, they also have a separate special menu which changes over time, and the waitress was good enough to drop by the table and actually introduce the special menu to us and ask if we would like it, "The kitchen today is making very good egg noodles served cold with a mix of beef and nuts...", can't exactly remember what the dish was called.

And that's what I had:

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I must say that I haven't tasted or seen anything like it before. It was very much like a noodle salad. And it epitomises the word 'fusion' in more than one sense. Mixture of different styles it is, but every bite was crunchy from the nuts, cauliflower, carrots, and deep fried onions; and very fresh and refreshing because it was served cold; and it had a nice tangy flavour, due to vinegar I think. The slices of beef (or pork, not sure) rounded up the dish very well.

Very good, an experience to savour.

My friend had another dish from the special menu, although I really can't remember what its called.

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I'm not a big fan of pasta though, but it got good reviews from my friend.

An interesting deviation from the stuff I usually eat, but very good.

Both dishes cost $17.80 each.

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