Thursday, September 6, 2007

Han Guuk Guan

Its been one whole week since I've last eaten, and I finally got my meal yesterday, at this Korean restaurant, Han Guuk Guan, on Victoria Street.

I've been to it before once, and I didn't really enjoy the food there that time, but I guess its probably because I did not know what to order. This time though, our friend, Supa, had a magic piece of paper, and on it, was written the names of 4 different dishes, and he gave the magic piece of paper to the waiter, and this is what we got.

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This was magnificently awesome. I absolutely love it. Not sure what its called in Korean but I'm pretty sure that if you say 'Black Bean Noodles' this is what you'll get.

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Jap Chae, I think. Fried potato noodles. It was very difficult to pick the winner between this noodle dish and the previous one. Super good.

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This huge mound of chicken made up for the lack of meat in the previous 2 noodle dishes. Whomever it was that provided Supa with the magic piece of paper must have known their stuff.

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At first glance, I thought it was just some kimchi hotpot soup. But later, I realised that there was actually some Maggi-like noodles inside it.

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This is what we get.

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And finally, I, in all my naivety, ordered 3 BBQ dishes, which did not turn out to be anything much at all.

Boo hoo to me.


IronEaters said...

is this Korean restaurant located at this quite hidden place, near Cancer Council?
the kimchi hotpot soup looks great. both the noodles just looked pretty normal yea and to be frank, the "black bean noodle" does not look appetising to me. but hey sometimes those are the types tt taste great =) thanks for the information, I will know wat to order if I got a chance to go there.

crushedguava said...

yah yah that's the hidden place.

i know, at first it looked like some random noodles to me, but it actually tastes great.

Neptune Chye said...

Nice foods!!

crushedguava said...

haha yah.

be prepared if you order the Jap Chae though. its 22 bucks for a HUGE plate of noodles. can be shared by 3 people, or 2 huge eaters.

piyo-chan said...

hahha funnily i have the exact same list of dishes (on my PDA) which includes the first 3 dishes that i normally order in this restaurant.

piyo-chan said...

i mean 4 dishes...

crushedguava said...

Haha piyo chan, I think that's because those are the most popular dishes they have. Everytime I go there, I see multiple tables with the same dishes.

Although, after having the same dishes on 3 separate occasions, I don't want to eat them anymore.