Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I had a dream yesterday.

I saw this ad in the newspaper, claiming that a certain celebrity whom I can't remember was to be performing at this certain shop, which I also cannot remember, on that day.

So off I went rushing to the shop, only to discover a notice on the door of the shop saying: "You have been April Fooled!" I then suddenly remembered that the day was indeed, the first of April, and I chided myself for falling for such a cheap trick.

But I had 2 burning questions in my mind then.
Is today really the first of April?
If it is, is the first of April really April's Fools Day?


youngyew said...


JIAN said...

I don't understand this post. Anyway, that Rolando Bianchi fella is lousy lol. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=466482&cc=3436

crushedguava said...

lol the post does not mean anything. at least, not to my knowledge.

maybe its just a random dream, or maybe not.

but its basically a 'filler'.

to keep my page alive.

the Bianchi fella hasn't been playing lar, always sub only, how to justify price tag?