Sunday, March 30, 2008

J Cafe

Recently, I had quite a few opportunities to visit J Cafe, which was supposed to be a pretty good Japanese place. However, the place always seemed to be closed whenever I decided to go. Once it was closed for the summer holidays, another time it was closed because it was a Sunday, the third time, it was Easter, and thus closed, and lastly, it was also closed on a Monday!


Anyway, I finally outthought the restaurant and went on a Tuesday instead (It was actually because Sushi Ten is closed all the way till April 17th (useless!). Thankfully it isn't permanently closed though, like Donna Monya. I seem to be very unfortunate in this sense. Any restaurant that I like always shuts down. First Donna Monya, then Ganbaria). This trip to the restaurant also coincided with Weishen's (it doesn't really matter who he is; if you know him, well and good, if you don't, then there's no point in me explaining who he is either) visit to Melbourne together with his girlfriend Leekeng.

That's her, sitting right there with her Bento box. Not Weishen, of course, but Leekeng.

And that's Weishen.

And this is my Ebi Ten Bento, which cost me $18.50. How was it, you might ask? Slightly pricey, way better than average, although not spectacular, but definitely satisfying.


Yuen said...

Lee Keng and Wei Shen were here in Melbourne?! I didn't know that! ><

And where is this J cafe located?

As for the Ebi Ten Bento you had...I spy some tempura and sashimi, but what was that thing in the flower-shaped bowl?

crushedguava said...

Yes it does look very much like them doesn't it? If I were you, I'd Blame Them For Not Telling!

J Cafe, if you walk up (means up the hill) Bourke Street from Swanston, you turn left immediately at Exhibition. Its after the bar. The thing in the flower-shaped bowl is some rather bland pickle.