Thursday, February 12, 2009

Butter and Cheese

This morning, I was making my breakfast, which consisted of 2 slices of Helga's bread,each with some butter and ham on it. Now, because the butter just came out from the fridge, it was still hard and not spreadable, so, I had to scrape it multiple times and force it onto the bread. What resulted was little knobs of butter on the bread.

My friends who were sitting down nearby noticed it and asked, "Is that ham and cheese?"

And I replied "Nope, its butter."

"WHAT?! BUTTER!?", they exclaimed.

Confused, I said "What's wrong with butter?"

"Jian Wey, your heart must be dying inside you."

My question now is, is butter any much less healthy than cheese?


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Supa04 said...

i have both butter and cheese at the same time and it tastes awesome.