Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taman Midah Curry Mee

In Cheras there is a place called Taman Midah, and in one of the lanes in Taman Midah, is a stall selling curry noodles (and also Lum Mee and other things).


Nowadays, to really get any drink to be less sweet, you'll have to actually hammer it into them. I want 'Extra Kurang Kurang Kurang Manis', or better yet, just say 'Teh Tarik Kosong'.


Due to miscommunication problems, I ended up with Curry Wantan Mee instead of Curry Beehoon Mee, but which actually tasted way better than what I expected.


Like I said, they have other things like Prawn Mee, Lum Mee, and any combination of noodles in any of the soup they have.

An excellent place for breakfast.

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