Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm thinking of quitting...

Quit what? Quit DotA. Quit gaming in general.

Why? Because I'm its all too time consuming and I'd rather spend my time doing other, more constructive things. Because one shouldn't be in his room playing games when his friends are out at the pub socialising and drinking and enjoying themselves. Because other people my age and working already and not spending their time on such childish pursuits.

Its been more than 2 years since I started playing this game. I remember coming to Ormond late and missing Orientation Week. Which meant that I didn't get to know my fellow freshers at Ormond, and they all formed their own group already. All first semester, I kept to myself, only mixing with fellow outcasts and other people who stayed in the same corner.

Towards the end of first semester however, things changed. Some freshers then noticed me going to the internet cafe and they too started playing the game. And from then on, I gained an entry point into the group of friends that I'm in right now. And it was all good.

The game then consumed our lives for the next year or so, and I mean really consumed but then things dropped off a bit, and now its at a respectable amount, and all is good.

However, maybe 2 years is a long time. Maybe I should really stop.

Studies are more important.

Here is a list of my own reasons on why DotA is bad for you.

*Edited 23/4/07: This is an Aprils Fools' Joke. Don't believe anything you read here.


Yuen said...

A big step, considering you've been playing DotA for two years...BUT it's a good one nevertheless. XD

(dodges flying chairs & tables from other DotA gamers)

Yuen said...

Geez, I just realised I kena conned.... ><"

(proceeds to throw chair at crushedguava instead =P)

crushedguava said...



i'm happy ;p

youngyew said...

Quite good, but since I was using an RSS reader so I saw your "this was how April Fool was supposed to be done" post at the same time, and it spoiled the effect a little bit. :P

crushedguava said...

my advice then, don't use RSS reader.

read the page as it is supposed to be read