Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I used to be part of the IMSS in my first year in Melbourne. (I described what was IMSS in my previous blog, here and here.) Of course, I'm now in my 3rd year already and the committee has changed, but the objectives still remain the same.

Along with the society's objectives and goals, there are quite a few other things that has remained constant these 3 years, and one of them is the IMSS Pancake and Champagne Day.

I remember back in first year when Chang Yang and I were struggling to come up with a good poster for the event.

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It looks much better in colour here than it did when we photocopied it out into black and white. On hindsight, I think I'd have used a different and more catchy font instead of the boring one that we used.

Anyhow, just yesterday, it was time for this year's Pancake Day.

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Unfortunately I couldn't be bothered fighting against the sea of med students to get a pancake for myself.

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And here are some of the committee members in action.

I remember that last year, I was behind the bbq pit.

Thankfully, I did not have to help them clear up this year.



youngyew said...

But you did take some drinks.

crushedguava said...

nope, on the contrary, i didn't.

i didn't take any thing that i could eat or drink from there.