Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just got back from Deva and Chong Chyn's double header celebration of their birthdays which were sometime during the past week.

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Happy Birthday to them.

The food at Gaylord on Tattersalls Lane in Chinatown wasn't too spectacular. Before I poison your mind, you could have a look at a different perspective of the restaurant in Omega's blog, although that was during a different occasion.

My main complaint about the restaurant was that it was super expensive for the portions that they give.

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Look at the size of those bowls! The 18 dollar mixed platter wasn't too bad though. We ended up paying 22 dollars each.

None of the dishes looked enticing enough for me to take a picture of them, but some close ups were taken by Chang Yang while we were experimenting with my camera.

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This is a piece of meat from the mixed platter.

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I have no idea which dish that was, but I swear that there's a baby lamb somewhere in the picture. Bekkkkkk!

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Now because I'm not a person who camwhores, there isn't a single picture with me in it. This here are the girls, just cos they were all sitting on the opposite side. I seriously cannot be bothered getting everybody to pose just to get a picture together.

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This is Omega, the owner of the blog of which I recommended you read if you wanted a different and more positive review of the restaurant :) She is happy that she got such a huge piece of cake to herself.

And there wasn't a group picture either. This is the closest I've got to a group picture.

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I say that this is an awesome picture as it captures the myriad of human expressions all in one shot. And the expression on Omega's face is priceless. Priceless I tell you!


youngyew said...

Haha eih you wrote there "I did take some close ups while experimenting with my camera", but then you put down two pictures taken by me?! Hahaha...

Anyway I like that chicken pic. I still salivate over that. But it didn't taste as great as it looks though.

crushedguava said...

haha ok ok i change it. tak mau curi idea.

Ka Lip said...

Annoyed... What did u mean when Boon Shih supposedly said "Yes I'm the only guy"