Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been to Italian(n)ese twice in the last 2 weeks, this Italian franchise that's available in most shopping complexes around KL. Personally, I enjoyed the food there, most especially the free flow of bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. But on both occasions, I overdid it with the bread, and was too full when the meals actually arrived. Bad move. Twice.


Here's the food.


Fried calamari. Can't go wrong, but somehow did. Very average. Bleh. Maybe I was too full from bread. But. Bleh.

This was very very very good. The mangoes and grapes were very sweet, which was a nice contrast to the saltiness of the dressing for the vegetables. I ordered this salad on both the occasions that I was at Italiannese.


This was quite well seasoned, but not very spetacular. Tasted good, but that's about it.


Again, same comment as above. Tasted good. But did it wow me, well, no, it did not.

But you see that drink behind it. The purple colour drink? That was some form of grape drink. Which did wow me. And it went very well with the chicken salad as well. Love it.



Denise said...

single 'n' or double 'n'? Bleh.

Denise said...

The salad looks like something I might actually eat. Hmm...

crushedguava said...

Hmm, I remember putting double 'n's at first, then for some reason, I consciously changed it to single 'n'. Now I can't remember why I did that.

And yes, that salad was Soooooo goooood. =)