Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sushi Zanmai

I finally had the opportunity to eat at Sushi Zanmai in Gardens. Ever since eating the platter of sushi rolls at Koko in Crown in Melbourne sometime last year, I've wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant and just order rolls again, but never had the opportunity. And Koko was too expensive to go again without a special occasion.

So, Sushi Zanmai in Gardens it was for me. Its not an expensive restaurant, certainly, they can't achieve what Koko achieved, but then again, you can't compare apples with oranges. A more accurate comparison would probably be with Sushi King, or maybe Genki Sushi, as they all have a sushi train.

My grandma wanted to try the green seasoned seaweed thingy, so we ordered that.


And then I went to town with the rolls.

Why this is called Stamina Roll, I do not know, but my grandma and I both agreed that this was the best of the lot, so we actually ordered two plates of this. As you can see, unagi on the top, egg in the middle.

Coming in a close second, and maybe my personal favourite, this Caterpillar Roll. This time, unagi in the middle, avocado on top, and some egg somewhere in between.


Although this Coral Roll looked good, it didn't taste as good. Smoked salmon with salmon roe on top. So-so only.


Dragon Roll. Fairly straightforward. Avocado and prawn roe on top, deep fried prawn in the middle. Comparatively, although all the rolls cost me RM 12.80, this one only had four pieces, as opposed to six on all the other dishes.

At the end of the day, we were quite pleased with the meal. Unfortunately, they can't put all the rolls in one huge platter, like they did in Koko.



Supa04 said...

i think u need to take me to somewhere that hav nice sushi. i feel like im missing out

crushedguava said...

i think u r rite. i feel like your missing out

Jian said...

i think u r rong. i feel like the soup is sharp.

Denise said...

i think u r rite. i feel like legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend

Denise said...

i think u r rong. i feel like you started it