Wednesday, June 4, 2008

JM's Dinner Party

JM decided to treat a few of us to a 3 course dinner the other night. He cooked. Unfortunately, one of his original two guests ffk-ed ('Ffk' means 'originally agreeing to attend some event but cancelling at the last minute. Don't even bother Urban Dictionarying 'ffk' as the result given is wrong) him, so he invited a few replacements. However, due to him inviting two replacements for the one who cancelled, we ended up with five people but only four plates. And the dinner host refused to use plates that did not match.

For the first course, we had a Smoked Salmon Baby Rocket Salad with a dash of Balsamic Vinegar and a drizzle of Hollandaise Sauce. For your information, our host ate his in a bowl.

Although Hollandaise Sauce isn't normally associated with salads (at least, not to my knowledge), but it worked very well in this dish, adding extra flavour to the natural zestiness of the rockets.

The main course was Angel Hair Pasta with Prawns.

My first time having Angel Hair Pasta, and we all commented that it was very much like Mee Suah. Maybe Mee Suah is Angel Hair Pasta. Lol. Some chillies and onions gave the pasta a tinge of spiciness; very good and very filling indeed.

The dessert was Strawberry French Toast.

This was very good. The strawberries and the french toast went very well together, and was the perfect end to the meal. The funny shape of the sauce at the top was my - oh wait, not mine, but Yi Wen's - attempt at presentation a la Top Chef, which failed.

A very good meal, thanks to JM.


Denise said...

strawberry compote!

Denise said...

eh wasn't that yi wen's doing? the 'funny shape of the sauce' thing

Jian said...

zomg. GG. Lawl. The funny shape of the sauce.

Wenny said...

yeah. i thought that was MY doing! :O
it's funny but ARTISTIC.

crushedguava said...

Oh it was Yiwen's izzit?

Sorry I got ahead of myself :P

I remember I tried something like that and failed.

I'll change it haha.

Wenny said...

hahahah u did do something, but then i continued with what you did and apparently destroyed it. oh well. i think it looks quite nice. LOL.