Friday, October 19, 2007

Kobe Jones

The good thing about staying in college is you get to meet a wide range of unique personalities which are distinctly individual. One such individual is Charles Sow, who had his birthday celebration at Kobe Jones last Saturday, to which I had, together with the rest of my college mates, the privilege of being invited to. What's so different about this birthday celebration is that Kobe Jones isn't your average run-of-the-mill restaurant you get in Chinatown. Its more than that. For one, its not located in Chinatown, but somewhere in Docklands.

And the food was just exquisite.

What follows here is (nearly) every dish that appeared in front of our table that night. The menu was already picked for us before we arrived.

Here we go.

Oh ya, these are not my pictures. They were taken by Supa. That's why they aren't marked with my name. Copyright issues mar.

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So we started off with either cocktails or mocktails. This here was called Sweet Life, I think. Apparently, it tastes better if you use both straws while drinking.

Next up was this, an amuse-bouche of sorts, I think, but none of us had any idea what it was called.

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Filled with the fake crab meat thingies, layered with seaweed, and somehow, they made the outside look like what it is. I honestly have no idea how to describe it. We each got one to savour (there were 15 of us).

And then we had a salad.

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I love they vinaigrette sauce that the Japanese use for salads. If anyone can tell me what the sauce is, I'd love to know. Its sourish, salty, and tangy at the same time. Very refreshing. Shared this plate between 3 of us.

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My least favourite dish of the night. If I were a Top Chef judge, I'd vote the fella who made this dish off. Its basically a tuna, avocado, and cheese roll. And the damn cheese overpowered the whole thing. So you'd basically taste cheese and rice. No good.

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Two pictures of the same dish. I love it. What can be better than raw meat? Lol. I think they use a similar sauce to the one that they used for the salad.

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Did you know, that normal, plain food, when presented nicely, in an upper class restaurant, seems to taste nicer than it actually does haha? This here, is deep fried tofu. Still good, nevertheless.

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This may have been my favourite dish of the night. Unfortunately, just like the previous dishes, we had to share this plate between the 3 of us again :( Boo hoo.

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The last of the main dishes, some teriyaki chicken (or was it pork). Had this with rice. Nothing much to shout about.

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And a dessert platter to complete the set. The best thing on this plate is the 2 sticks of chocolate there. For your information, they are not hollow.

The service wasn't too good though, at Kobe Jones, but an awesome night, to say the least.

And it all wouldn't have been possible without the birthday 'man', Charles.

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We actually bought him a cake, but ate it before we got there. Lol.

Well, not actually.

But everyone forgot to take a picture of the cake that we got, Mango Gateau from Bread Top.

How unfortunate.

Good day.


Yi Wen said...

Now you're just making me hungry AGAIN. :(

crushedguava said...

aww, but tonights deep fried fish and chips was good was it not?

JIAN said...

You are right. The sushi with that cheese inside was dreadful. What was the chef thinking. This is Top Chef, not Top Cook.

crushedguava said...

you are absolutely right. it was a hodgepodge. either he was having an off day, or he ran out of goat's cheese.

if the thing has been on the menu for a while already, i'm surprised no one has complained about it.

i'm sure there will be lots of finger pointing after that night.

worst meal i've tasted in 3 years.

that thing shouldn't have been served on a plate.

Yi Wen said...

i had kfc instead cuz my sister wanted to drive me around melbourne as she had her bf's car. but i was scrubing away in the kitchen as you guys devoured your dinner.

Yannee said...

u noe, my fav is jap cuisine and i can't get them in glasgow... n seeing ur pics just make me soo desperate...i can't wait to go bek msia to da pao all the jap food!!

and i really love sashimi and raw beef! fav is still lobster sashimi... :D

crushedguava said...

fuyo fuyo yannee, eat expensive stuff hor haha.

you got spanish paella can already la. the original one should be much better than the rip-off they have in Marche Movenpick in The Curve.

yiwen, where did you guys explore in your sister's bf's car?

LOL! said...

my favourite was the first dish. either it was very good or i was starving. either way i thought it was really good then. pity we only had one each :'(

crushedguava said...

then next time we can go and you can buy me another one LOL