Monday, October 15, 2007

Lamb Pizza

How many of you have heard of Lamb Pizza?

I can honestly tell you that I haven't heard of it until Yi Wen mentioned it that day, and although I am not a big pizza fan, I knew I had to have a taste of the Lamb Pizza from the moment I heard of it.

So I stopped by Intersection on Lygon on Wednesday night just before heading back to college.

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This Is Lamb Pizzaaaaa!!!!!

The taste was so unlike any other pizza that I have ever tasted before. Even though they only had lamb, cheese, and pineapples as ingredients (I originally thought that with 3 ingredients it couldn't be very good), but for whatever reason, the unique flavour of the lamb really makes the pizza what it is.

And I imagine how much better it would've tasted had I eaten it on the spot, when it just came out piping hot from the oven, instead of carrying it through the cold and windy night back to my room in college.

Pizza is pretty much a staple dish in Australia. Its like you walk into a coffee shop in Malaysia and order Chicken Rice, or Char Kuay Teow. Which was why it came as a shock to me when I saw people ordering a pizza and eating it all by themselves. And up till now I still can't come to terms with people eating a whole pizza alone. For me, pizza has always been a party dish. You order it when you have people coming over to your house for a party or a get-together of some kind.

That Lamb Pizza up there was a medium sized one. Towards the last few slices, it just became difficult to finish the thing, because every mouthful of the pizza tasted exactly like the last 20 bites. While waiting for the pizza to be ready, I actually observed 2 guys, each eating one large pizza by themselves, and sharing a small pizza between them.



kimberly said...

so u finished the whole pizza in one go?? WOW :p

crushedguava said...

yes. i finished that whole pizza in one go. and that's only a medium. i don't know HOW those aussie guys eat the whole LARGE pizza alone in one go.

Yi Wen said...

Thank you for your kind mention of ME in your blog. i feel famous now. hahaha!

Lamb pizza is AWESOME!!!! except, like all pizzas, you get jelak towards the end.

Yi Wen said...

oh and i always ask for extra BBQ sauce and mushrooms (but they always forget to put in the mushrooms). Tastes better with more BBQ sauce.

crushedguava said...

maybe next time i should ask for more lamb or something. not a fan of B B Q sauce haha.

perhaps now if you google your name you'd find this page hahahah.

Yi Wen said...

I JUST DID!!! type in "yi wen lamb pizza" and it's the second result!!! wooooooot!!!!

that's cuz my name is extremely common that you've gotta be specific. even then, it doesn't come out as the first search. :( oh well...YAY I'M ON GOOGLE! :P

crushedguava said...

hahaha yah, first results gives 'yi-wen's wine list' lol