Saturday, October 6, 2007

Let's return to more familiar grounds, food.

Before I begin, I wish to declare that this post is a parody of Ironeaters' post on Lim's Nyonya Hut, and since I do not know each of them personally (no, the 'JW' mentioned in that post is not me), I apologise for parodying their stuff.


Just how far am I willing to go for Char Kuay Teow? Approximately 6372 km actually.


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Look, there's a huge ass prawn there too. Its camouflaged, though, have to strain your eyes a bit.

There was also Wan Tan Mee. Not really my favourite, but I'll just put it here anyway. As long as it looks nice ya?

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Looking at the picture again, I must say it looks rather appealing, this plate of noodles. Even the Char Siew looks very clean and fresh, if 'clean and fresh' could ever be adjectives for Char Siew.

And look! A Dead Fish Head.

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I guess the only animals I like are dead ones. On a plate. And this one was particularly delicious. Especially the eyeballs. Oh, yes, the eyeballs. And the cheeks. And lips. Oooh. So succulent and juicy.

But I'm not a cruel person, really, I'm not.


Yi Wen said...

*sigh* your blog always makes me so sad now. the wantan mee looks particularly appetizing, and that yellow fish head curry too.
i like its lips. :D

crushedguava said...

what about the eyes? not the eyes?

ya somehow the wantanmee looks shiny lol.

which might be a good thing.

JIAN said...

The char kuay teow noodles are fake. It's not the flat one. Hence it's a fake version of char kuay teow. I hope you paid less than 50 cents for it seeing as it's fake.

I love fish cheeks.

crushedguava said...

you talking about my noodles!?

my noodles are fake!?

how can that be fake!?

its 100% authentic char kuay teow.

watch out for red paint on your door.

Yi Wen said...

yeah good observation jian. the noodles are meant to be FLAT, not the round ones!


JIAN said...

It appears that I have found a supporter of my outrageous claim, which could in fact prove to be true. Better watch out. Char Kuay Teow foodies out there might react with disgust at your claim that the noodles aren't fake.

crushedguava said...

OMG you guys have not been initiated into the way of the char kuay teow.

The best char kuay teows are those where you order 'kuay teow mee' so you get your FLAT noodles, PLUS the round ones.

Anybody who says Kuay Teow Mee is fake Char Kuay Teow deserves to be shot.


Yi Wen said...

i should stop myself from coming to you blog now. it's outrageous how many pictures of FOOD you have. what happens if a starving child in a third-world country (who happens to have internet access) googles "fake char kuay teow" and comes across your blog? how would she feel, when the food is right in front of her, but she can't physically touch it? huh? how would YOU feel, knowing that the starving child is deprived of such wondrous food?

in such cases, the starving child from a third-world country could be me. i am dying from hunger, just by looking at the wan tan mee, and the fish.

crushedguava said...

gimme your lamb pizza and you'll feel alright again :)