Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rice Bar (The other one)

When I talked about Rice Bar the other time, I mentioned that there were 2 different Rice Bars close to each other, but they each have different menus. The one on Swanston has a more, refined, menu I should say, while the older one on Grattan sells what a basic chinese restaurant would sell, with roast meats and what-not.

So last Saturday, I went to the Rice Bar on Grattan for lunch. Missed lunch in college, so had to get food from somewhere else. Wasn't feeling very adventurous, so went with what I knew was good.

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Big fat noodles, big far prawns, big fat veges, big fat pieces of beef, and lots of sauce with ajinomoto. What's there not to like?

And Jian Ming had a porridge.

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youngyew said...

Wow that's mouth watering... Your pictures flattered Rice Bar's dishes! :D

Sometimes I think restaurants should replace their good old menu with the wonderful pictures by food bloggers. It looks much more tempting than the plain photographs they put in there.

Su said...

Yum, both of those dishes are very much comfort food for me :)

crushedguava said...

well Rice Bar dishes can be good you know. they aren't all bad haha.

haha yes indeed Su, they remind me of back home Malaysia. might i know who you are Su?