Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rice Bar (Not only Rice)

Rice Bar (not only rice) has never been one of my favoured places to go to. Not only is it slightly more expensive than equivalent restaurants, the food there has never been particularly nice as well. And recently, they opened another branch (on Swanston St) very near their original one (Grattan St).

So we decided to go and try it yesterday, and was surprised to find out that they had a very different menu compared to the original Rice Bar. Whether that is a good thing or not I do not know. What I do know is that I was very pleased with what I ordered and have another take-away packet of the same thing sitting in my fridge right now, awaiting the next night of crappy Ormond dinners.

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Eileen in full concentration.

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This was what I ordered. Tastes like char kuay teow from home! I'm wondering if 'Rice Drop Noodle' is actually what we Malaysians call as Lou Shi Fun, or Rat Noodles. Whatever its called, its awesome.

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A few of my friends ordered this. I have other pictures of different dishes as well, but they all look about the same. One overturned bowl of rice, some veges on the side, and the meat of choice. I generally tend to avoid ordering something that looks like this, because it looks very canteen like, and does not befit a meal that is ordered from a restaurant.

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Christina and Jon. The occasion was originally supposed to be a celebration for Christina's birthday which was last week, but due to people problems, it was cancelled, and became an 'eat-out' session, and Christina got invited along as well.

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Just to steal a line from Christina:
Thing of the day!!!~The colour green!


-{CrybabY}~* said...

if it does taste like hawker lou shi fun back home, then really megakill la...xD

IronEaters said...

ooo...the lou shu fun looks great.looks like it licks enuff of the wok's breath! hm, will def giv it a try when im at tt area.

crushedguava said...

in a good way or a bad way?
i think if it really does taste like hawker lou shi fun back home then its a very good thing!

Ginger said...

Yep, that is definitely lou shu fan! I bought a packet of these in Footscray Market. They're exactly the same as the ones you can find in Malaysia, but pricier of course. -.-""

crushedguava said...

so that IS lou shi fun.



Melissa said...

tht's the same thing i ordered the first time i went there too!!!!!