Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ski experience part 4: Unopened bag of chips don't bother me, its the opened ones that do. I just can't stop eating them!

The finale is here.

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No idea what snow angels are until Jian Ming mentioned them. Apparently you lie down on the snow and make an angel shape out of it. I don't think I did it well.

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Skiing took a lot out of them.

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If you take the time to think about it, sitting on a ski lift is plenty scary. And while you're on the ski lift, you do have lots of time to think. Its bad when they suddenly stop the lift for whatever reasons and you're suddenly left hanging there with a lot of empty space underneath you.

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I didn't try that, only Jian Ming and Sue did. Apparently it pulled them along and they nearly fell.

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This is my favourite picture, taken by Jian Ming. I was too afraid to ski down that particular slope (it wasn't that long, just very steep, with a cliff at the end) so I decided to walk down the side. It was still difficult, but very hillarious.

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And that's the end folks! All 4 parts. And now I shall take a break.

Actually, I have a tribute to Sue's phone, which she left somewhere in the mountains (her pocket had a hole in it). I actually tried calling her phone a few times after that and was surprised to hear it ringing well into the night. However, the morning after, it succumbed to freezing temperatures and was never heard of again.

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Anonymous said...

snow angels... I tried to make one as well when I went to ski but my wasnt really look like one =D and the last pic of the snow man is v cute!


crushedguava said...

love the snowman :) but i think before that, it actually had twigs for hands. too bad someone took them out.

sue chen said...

i like the photo of u trying to get down the cliff too!!! I've decided to use it as my desktop

crushedguava said...

haha, indeed, it was a well taken, and well timed photo by jian ming.

but its a vertical photo, how does it fit onto your desktop?