Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who is the shampoo bandit?

*News alert!*

Residents of Ormond College awoke this morning to find all their toiletries gone. Any thoughts they were isolated events were soon dispelled upon further investigation, whereupon they found the following notice posted up around college walls:

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Although the author of this article found the whole event amusing, seeing that he's from Malaysia (and thus paranoid) and keeps all his toiletries in his room, the sentiment was not shared amongst his friends. Here are what some of his friends had to say about the Shampoo Bandit:

"Its not so amusing when you wake up and find that you can't brush your teeth. I had to break open a new toothbrush." -Meisze.

"They took away my shampoo. I have no more shampoo now." -Roland, while shaking his head in disappointment.

"Not only did he take the shampoo, he took everything that could be taken from the bathrooms. I'm gonna kick his ass if I find out who he is." -Eileen, while making a sandwich.

"I'm not affected by it since I keep my stuff in the room." -Jon, nonchalantly.

"Heheheheehehehehehehehehe." -Renata, giggling evilly at other people's misfortune.

"I wasn't affected, but I'm still angry." -Philip.

Some people even scribbled the word 'Asshole' on one of the posters.

Questions must be asked about the Shampoo Bandit's motivation. What drives him to such an act? What did he gain from it? All the items taken hostage were at the vesti to be collected, thus the Shampoo Bandit did not derive any material gain from his act. It only served to inconvenience some of the college residents.

Looking at the poster, one cannot help but think that the Shampoo Bandit is issuing out a challenge to all residents of Ormond. Draping an Ormond gown over his head, complete with sunglasses, he seems confident enough that he will not be caught to even reveal two fingers for identification.

However, is he misleading us? Could it be that there is more than one person involved in this?

Seeing that it was a college-wide event, could it be that it wasn't the work of the Shampoo Bandit, but the Shampoo Bandits? Suspicions abound that there is a secret group working underground, masquerading as one person.


Ka Lip said...

Haha, it is rather amusing though. I'd be pissed initially but once I recover everything I MIGHT think it's funny..

crushedguava said...

i think its hilarious!