Sunday, August 19, 2007


After a heavy dinner at an OCF event, which we were invited by Sheik Yan; Tim, Deva, Kalip, and I trekked off towards the small lanes near Flinder's Street, in search for a quaint old cafe in which we could have a cup of coffee and chill. Originally, Starbucks was suggested, but I (partly because I feel that Starbucks is too commercialised, and partly inspired by Ironeaters and their "cozy bars") suggested otherwise.

Reach our destination we did, however, we were sidetracked by an Indian restaurant, Nila, serving 'Malaysian, Singaporian (sic), and South Indian Cuisine'.

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Images of roti with condensed milk from Murni in SS2, PJ, in Malaysia began to flash in my mind vividly at that moment, and thus, I decided to order Roti Bom, with a cup of Teh Tarik to go with it.

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The amount of condensed milk will seriously give you diabetes. And that's after I told them to not put so much condensed milk onto the roti. However, it tasted as good as I expected it to be. =)

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The menu said 'Teh Tarah', so Teh Tarah it is.

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Deva ordered the Roti Kaya. Looks just like a normal Roti Canai. Not as sweet as the Roti Bom, which can only be a good thing, health-wise, I suppose.

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Doesn't that look absolutely delectable? Tim ordered this, and I tried a bit of it, and in the end, I ordered one for myself. Gluttony is one of the seven sins. =(

Kalip did not eat anything there.


JIAN said...


crushedguava said...


in one of the small lanes enclosed by the roads Swanston, Elizabeth, Flinders, and Collins.

Cindy said...

Is Kalip crazy? How could you not order any of this cool, CHEAP food?!

IronEaters said...

the roti bom n roti kaya definitely caught my eyes! must giv this place a try =)

crushedguava said...

haha cindy, how did you know it was cheap? i don't recall mentioning any prices there ;p

but i think he was right in not ordering, considering how much free food we all ate at the OCF event.


but if anyone wants prices:
Roti Bom: $2.95
Teh Tarah: $1.50
Roti Kaya: No Idea
Mee Goreng: $6.00 ($6.50 with prawns)

Ka Lip said...

No Cindy, Ka Lip is not crazy.

It's just that Ka Lip didn't want to stuff himself too much and feel bad after. Which was a good thing because Ka Lip has chicken + rice for supper about 4 hours later.


Ka Lip said...


(I hate typos... portrays bad Engrish)

crushedguava said...

wow, Ka Lip had chicken rice and dinner for supper 4 hours after that?!

that's 2 am in the morning!

Cindy said...

Heh, I guess free food is usually better even than cheap food!

I'm a Nila fan myself, can't say no to those roti and the crazy pink rose milk. :-P