Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ignorance is bliss

Sometimes, having less information is better than having a lot of information.

Now, I'm a person that hates being put on the spot. I hate being in a situation where I have to speak to a group of people, or perform something (like a music exam). I hate knowing that everybody is watching me, that I'm the man of that particular moment. If I know I have something like that coming up, I'd have sleepless nights up to one week before the event.

On Thursday, I was asked by my AMS supervisor to attend the ethics committee meeting, during which they'll discuss whether they will approve my project or not. My supervisor said "I don't foresee any problems, and I'll probably be doing most of the talking anyway."

So I went along, not having prepared anything at all, happily spending the night before playing DotA and relaxing.

Had I known that they were going to ask me a whole lot of questions about my project, I'd probably have countless sleepless nights before Thursday morning!


youngyew said...

Ahhh that's scary.. how did it turn out in the end? Your supervisor should have warned you about the meeting beforehand loh..

crushedguava said...

my supervisor did not know about it either =)

JIAN said...

the word "probably" implies a high chance that you need not talk. Although a high chance still means a low chance that you would have to talk. And a low chance is still a chance=)

crushedguava said...

well i certainly did not consider a low chance being a high enough chance to actually prepare myself for anything.

but in a way, it was better, as i was more relaxed going into the thing, and thus may have answered the questions better that i would have had i sweat over it the whole night =)

Yuen said...

Eee...scary indeed. ><" But i guess it's good "practice" for your clinical training next year, being placed under pressure on the spot and all. Clinical school does that to us ALL the time, and truthfully, I don't like it one bit. lol.

crushedguava said...

but not knowing that you're gonna be placed on the spot is better than knowing it before hand, that's what i think anyway hehe