Friday, August 10, 2007

Ito Japanese Noodle Cafe: I love instant noodles. I just don't want to pay 10 dollars for them

Met up with my coursemates on monday and had dinner at Ito, on Bourke Street. Here's the food.

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This is what I had. While I must say that its good, but I must compare it to a bowl of instant noodles (which I love) with a few slices of meat, half an egg, and some garnishing on top. Only thing is, instant noodles don't cost $10.80 haha. But its still good.

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Didn't try either of the 2 dishes above, so can't give any comment about it.

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Some of you may be surprised that I didn't order the Unagi Don, which is supposedly my favourite dish in a Japanese restaurant. But I'm glad I didn't.
If you look at the picture of the Unagi Don above, the rice only actually reaches the middle part of the container, with the bottom being hollow. Do you realise how little that is? What a rip-off!

Ever since Mon.ya closed down, all the Unagi Don's I've had in other restaurants has been ever disappointing. Everytime I think about this I feel sad. Why did it have to close down? I regarded it as one of the four 'must eat' restaurants in Melbourne. And it closed down. Just like that. Without notice. Without closure.

The only time I've ever come close to recreating the feeling and emotions that I experienced while eating Unagi Don in Mon.ya was in Jogoya in KL. But however similar it is, in my heart, I know, its not the real thing.

This is a shoutout to all you people out there! If any of you know any place in Melbourne that serves Unagi Don as good as Mon.ya's, please let me know! I'm looking for affordability (around $12.50) and quantity. Mon.ya's actually was very good as well!

Well, I end my rant here.

Good day to everybody.


IronEaters said...

ITO ah.. I only been there once v v v (hav to emphasize that.LOL) long time ago and din't really like it coz it was quite expensive for the portion as well as the quality. but looking at ur post now, I feel i should giv it another try =)

and im sorry to hear tt one of ur favourite restaurants has been closed down. I have been tram-ing past that restaurant many many times but never thought of trying it! For the unagi don, i hardly order it at any restaurant again after i found out tt u can buy the eel at asian grocery at a cheaper price (just need to cook the rice urself =D). U can read my unagi don's comments here

crushedguava said...

yep i saw those in the grocery before, but i don't have the cooking facilities in college to cook it :(

yah and apparently, that place (donna monya) wasn't very popular. none of my friends knew about it (until i told them), and usually when we go its empty (hence me commenting to my friend that we should have gone else it would close, and it DID close).

there was once we went there for a friend's bday party, i think bout 15 of us, and the chef/owner couldn't cope with a sudden big influx of people. heh.

kimberly said...

eh jian wey hor..i noticed ur blog banyak on food :p

crushedguava said...

haha well, my blog is 70% a food blog.

this way, i don't need to rack my mind for emo stuff to write about, or events, which only rarely come once in a while.

however, I haven't been eating out much these days, hence the slight slowing in frequency of posts.

how about you? =)