Monday, May 14, 2007


I have received an update on Mon.ya. Apparently, according to Charles (he was actually there on the last week that the restaurant was open and was even speaking to the owner, AND HE DID NOT TELL ME THAT THEY WERE CLOSING DOWN!!!!!), the owner has returned to The Land of the Rising Sun because he has a better job there.

Oh well.


And so begins my quest for an Unagi Don that can equal Mon.ya's.

We shall begin with Meshiya, somewhere on Lonsdale Street, tucked in a random alley leading into QV.

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As you can see, the food doesn't look too bad...

As a matter of fact, if looks were anything to go by, the place would be quite good I suppose.

However, the Unagi Don was a real let down. Maybe I just had too high expectations.

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If you look closely at that picture, the first thing you'd notice is how little rice they give. Well, I suppose it was decent, but I was so disappointed that I just gobbled down the whole thing within minutes just so that I didn't need to prolong my suffering.

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Engkiat ordered this as well, and it looked quite nice, but even though he was offering it for other people to try (and they did try it), I just didn't feel that it was okay to take his food. A good person does not take his friend's food. Just like he wouldn't expect his friend to take his as well.

Oh well.

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