Friday, May 25, 2007

The dust has settled

And so, in the aftermath of the week that was supposed to be the mother-of-all-weeks (refer to my previous post here), I have learnt one thing:

Finales are as finales will be.

Just because its a finale doesn't mean it will go the way you want it to go. Expect too much and be prepared to be very disappointed.

I'm sure most people expected much more action from the season finale of Heroes. However, I think we must keep in mind that this is a tv show and they do not want to make it too 'X Men-ish', because that's not what it was meant to be.

That being said, I'm sure they could have done it so much better while still remaining true to their purposes. The highly anticipated showdown between Peter Petrelli and Sylar came down to Sylar choking Peter with telekinesis and Peter giving him two very fake punches. No magnificent show of powers from Peter, and I'm sure that's what everyone wanted to see. It seems that only Sylar gets to do the cool stuff (like stopping bullets and shooting them back at Parkman).

If Sylar gets to do cool stuff, they should have the good guys do cool stuff as well. Like Hiro. All he did was run straight and stab him? How uncool was that. They could have let him done one of two things. Stop time and walk calmly up to Sylar and stab him before letting time resuming its course again. Or charge at him, have Sylar try to use telekinesis, but immediately teleport and appear right in front of him and then stab.

Apart from that, I thought the ending was quite good. Resolutions to most questions and everything. And I suppose a lot of people are wondering stuff like "Why did Sylar seem so helpless at the end?" or "Why couldn't Peter fly off by himself?" but I have my own explanations for those questions which satisfies me. And I'm ok with that. If you want to know my explanations you could ask me.

The Champions League final was a disappointment. We were just not good enough. How many times have I seen Liverpool make a million half chances but can't score and have the opponent score from the one attack that they have? I have a saying that goes what you lack in skill, you make up for in passion. And on that night, we didn't have the skill, nor the passion to get back into the game once we went a goal down. As for the 2nd goal that Inzhagi scored, I think the Carragher of two years ago would have ran back and covered for the goal keeper. But I'm not faulting him. Just felt that we lacked a bit of passion in that game. We had the game plan and we stuck to it but when it didn't work we just ran out of ideas.

As for Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End, I thought that it was a decent show, although it got draggy at times, the story was quite confusing in the middle bits, the parts with multiple Jacks were just plain stupid, dumb and silly, and the action fighting bits were made very 'chaotic' as compared to the previous two, which means you cannot really see what's going on and who's fighting who (the previous two show's action scenes were actually quite clearly defined and it was fun to be able to see everything that was going on).

However, after all those gripes, I liked it. The action scene at the end coupled with a GREAT soundtrack more than made up for the slow moments in the beginning. The ending was quite good as well, although I found out that there was a scene after the credits which a lot of people missed. Movie-goers should be warned about things like these, else the whole point of putting the extra scene there would be wasted.

For those of you who have watched 1 and 2, please watch the 3rd one. Just because it got bad reviews doesn't mean its not an enjoyable show. If anything, watch it for closure. If nothing else, watch it because you are a fan.

"Take what you can, give nothing back."


youngyew said...

I still think that the scenes where Nathan suddenly flies to save the day, and all the embracing and stuff, looks really cheesy. And yeah, the actions were weak too, they should have at least let either Peter or Hiro fight Sylar, at least a little bit. Not just the one punch from Niki and what, two punches from Peter? Sigh. What a disappointment.

kimberly said...

i watched the last scene after credits..but then the credit were so longgggg...i told my sis, 'there better be something good after this or i'll wack jian wey' hahaha..XD

crushedguava said...

so in the end good or not the ending bit?

i didn't get to see

youtube also dun have