Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have found a new place for food! Chinese food that is, not Japanese, thus not Unagi Don :(

Anyway, its called The Forefront Eatery, situated on Franklin Street, somewhere near The Verve apartments, in between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets.

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They have a lot to live up to... saying things like that haha.

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Look at the size of that thing! Of course, the egg doesn't come with it, that's just an extra. People in Malaysia should look at this and weep. You don't get stuff like this there. Heh heh.


Melissa said...

but there's this slightly old lady there who is always muka masam wan la, i c her face i very sien and this kinda keep me away from the place ady

crushedguava said...

yah yah.. you are correct.

she looks like she doesn't want customers like that.