Monday, May 21, 2007

The week starting Monday the 21st of May is a highly significant week in all senses. It marks the endings of beginnings, and the beginnings

It is the beginning of my last week of classes in The Universitiy of Melbourne, literally. Come next semester, I'll be doing research for my Advanced Medical Science somewhere in Kew (which is out of the university itself) for 2 semesters until June next year, when I will commence my 2 and a half years of clinical school. So, after 5 semesters of preclinicals, today marks the beginning of an end, but this week itself is the ending of a beginning. And I have mixed emotions about these facts.

Moving on.

There are 3 other endings happening this week.

First up (in order of importance), the Champions League Final in Athens, Liverpool v AC Milan, 4.30am 24th May Melbourne time. You bet I'd be awake watching it.

Second up, Heroes season 1 finale: How to Stop an Exploding Man? The ending of a beginning. How do you stop an exploding man anyway? We'll find out.

Third and lastly, Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End premiering on the 24th of May. Oooooh.

This week, all the stars are moving into alignment. All the pieces are falling into place. All the key players are converging towards their destinies. Everything that has happened in history before, has happened just so that this week could happen. What happens after this, its anybody's guess.

-Sylar, on the rooftop, at the end of Heroes episode 23: Landslide

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