Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lazzat, tapi, tak lazat

There's this new restaurant on Lygon Street selling Malaysian food, which has taken over Ganbaria (##*@&&! another one of my favourite restaurants has closed down!), and its called Lazzat. A play on the word 'lazat' I suppose, meaning 'delicious' in Malay, and Indonesian I suppose, but correct me if I'm wrong.

They sell your usual Nasi Campur canteen style where you get rice and choose 3 dishes , but they also sell stuff like roti canai, roti telur, and roti john, for quite a decent price ($1.50 for roti canai is Australia is a decent price).

Many people (Malaysians and Singaporeans) have been talking about it lately, saying that it was cheap and very worth the money spent. Word about food spreads faster than Road Runner being chased by Wile E Coyote.

Edit: I'm astounded. I've just been surfing random blogs and I'm surprised that other people in Melbourne
whom I don't know also blogged about Lazzat.

I got a chance to sample it last week.

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What do you think? Looks too similar to food in Ormond College to me. I think I'll pass. I'd rather eat at Norsiah's.

If I do go there again, it'll be for the rotis.

But then again, its quite a ways down Lygon Street. So maybe not.


shizhou said...

yes tak lazat! the food is pretty bad there... wrong word, horrible i meant... I ate there once and their curry beef made me wanna puke... and you can't say it's very cheap too... compare to that stall in union house...

crushedguava said...


you are totally right!

dunno why a lot of ppl going to it right now and talking about it also

sue chen said...

Forget Lazzat. Go to Freddos instead. I want gelati

crushedguava said...

how did you know that lazzat is right beside freddos?